• Planning checklist with start-to-launch timeline

• My favorite tools for selling mini sessions quickly 

• 4 must-do's to set yourself up for a sell out


Mini sessions can be an amazing source of income...if they are done right.

I've been offering mini sessions since 2014 and have learned a ton about what to do and what not to do when it comes to selling out quickly. I now have all of the systems in place that allow me to book out my sessions within 10 minutes of registration opening (this fall we sold out of 54 sessions)!

I would love nothing more than to help you do the same in your own business beginning with this planner.

This planner is meant for any photographer...new or seasoned...that wants to start the process for "cracking the code" on a profitable mini session program.

• Get organized with the brainstorming worksheet

After 15 total years in business and 10 years of offering mini sessions to countless numbers of families, I've learned a lot about the best practices for mini sessions that have made them an integral part of the income for my photography business (by the end of this year, our team will have photographed 84 seasonal mini sessions and brought in more than 40K). There's nothing that lights me up more than being able to teach all that I know so other photographers can do the same!

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can help you learn how to set your mini session program up to be a highly profitable part of your business. 


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